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Escalas is a multipurpose platform for the assisted design, 1D simulation, assessment and correction of stepped fishways. Escalas architecture allows the evaluation of different hydraulic scenarios in the river, the dimensioning of the fishway considering fish physical needs, the study of any type of stepped fishway, and to test solutions for possible malfunctioning or to evaluate retrofitting scenarios to improve their performance.

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Escalas 2.0 for Windows (Recommended: Win 10 and newer)

Video tutorials

In this video, we explore the general architecture of the Escalas software.

In this video, we dive into the Fishway Generator module of Escalas software. This module allows the automatic design of stepped fishways considering the target fish requirements.

Escalas is a powerful tool that can be adapted to engineer and researcher’s requirements by modifying the database libraries. For this the user need to follow some simple steps that are explained in the following video.

The availability of performing simulations provides the user advance information to assess the fishway performance and the compatibility with fish fauna under different hydrodynamic scenarios. After, considering this information, if needed, specific adaptations could be implemented to handle extreme scenarios. The following video explains the working principle of simulations in the software.

The following video presents a complete design example of a fishway using Escalas software. It includes the design of adaptations to handle non-uniform profiles in extreme scenarios.

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We are continuously improving Escalas. Contact us if you detect any bug or you have any improvement suggestion. Collaborations to increase the number of languages available are also welcome. Contact authors in the following emails:



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